Member Involvement

As an incorporated society, YHA New Zealand members are a huge part of our identity and our history.

We have always had a proud legacy of dedicated members and volunteers that have helped the organisation become what it is today. There are a number of ways long-term members have kept connected and engaged with us, and we have always encouraged participation in governance processes.


Annual General Meetings

AGMs have been held in a different location each year to ensure a broad range of members have had the option to participate. 

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Facebook Members Group

We have established a private YHA Facebook group to support domestic members interested in governance to make connections, keep in touch, and stay up to date with YHA.

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Honorary Vice-Presidents

Honorary Vice-Presidents are elected positions called upon for advice and support. Up to four Honorary Vice-Presidents hold office until the third Annual General Meeting following their appointment and are then eligible for re-election.

At present, no vacancies have been filled. The Constitution allows for Honorary Vice-President vacancies to be filled by invitation from the National Board.


YHA Branches were originally formed by groups of like-minded members who often volunteered their time to support hostels and their activities. Committees are elected annually to coordinate member activities within the Branch area and elect a representative to attend the AGM.

Today there is one Branch remaining, which promotes and engages in social and recreational events designed to bring YHA members together in an informal and relaxed environment.

Member Groups

Member groups are a way for members to come together without the formalities of a Branch structure. There are currently two Member Groups.


Read more about the differences between Branches and Member Groups.

Roll of Honour

Our Roll of Honour recognises the outstanding voluntary contributions made by our members over many years. Some of these members were involved with YHA when the organisation was purely volunteer based and they often volunteered their time to support hostels and their activities. This provides a lasting reference to these members' contribution and provides a valuable link to our history.  See Roll of Honour


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