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Want to know more about YHA membership? Check here for the answers to frequently asked questions.

Why wouldn't you? For just $25 you get discounts on all YHA accommodation in New Zealand - if you're booking a couple of nights in a private room, it will save you money straight away! If that's not enough, you can get hundreds of local, national, and international discounts on things like food, awesome activities, and transport around the country.

We’ve partnered with Frequent Values and our members now get digital cards. For just $25 you get discounts on all YHA accommodation in New Zealand and plus access to over 2000 discount locations in NZ and Australia. 

You also get access to (and discounts on!) quality assured accommodation in 3,500 hostels in over 80 countries. You can be sure that you're staying in safe, secure, clean and friendly hostels when you're staying with HI and YHA.

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Our new digital membership is a new & exciting way to redeem & browse discounts! We’ve partnered with Frequent Values so you can receive even more discounts across New Zealand and Australia. When you sign up or renew your current membership you'll automatically receive a digital card. 

And of course, as part of your YHA membership you still have access to the Kiwi activity provider discounts you know and love, and 10% off YHA and HI accommodation worldwide.

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We'll send you all the instructions via email when you upgrade or renew - save it for easy access!

You'll need a smartphone to access your digital card and log in through the Frequent Values site.


All YHA digital members enjoy 10-25% off your bill at over 2000 restaurants, cafes, and activities across New Zealand and Australia powered by Frequent Values.


Yes of course! If you're an existing YHA member, your physical card will still work for all our standard discount partnerships, or you can upgrade to receive a digital card and benefits for just $10 per year. Next time you renew your membership, you'll automatically be switched over to the digital system.

Non-members are more than welcome to stay at any of our YHA New Zealand hostels by booking in at the standard rate. YHA/Hostelling International (HI) Members save 10% on accommodation when booking directly with hostels or at hostel reception.

You're never too young or too old. YHA is for everybody - all ages are eligible to join, and if you're a New Zealand Resident under 18 you can even grab a free youth membership to enjoy discounts on YHA/HI accommodation and YHA travel and activity discounts.

We don't offer family memberships, but if you're all staying together in a private room then only one of you needs to be a member to get our awesome 10% room rate discount. Also, if one of the guests who is staying in the private room is under 18 then you will automatically get the members rate. Sweet!

New Zealand residents are eligible for our free youth memberships!

If you’re a New Zealander under 18 and you’re travelling overseas, be sure to sign up for membership before you depart - most hostels require membership for anyone who wants to receive member benefits, regardless of age. If you sign up for membership in New Zealand, it’s free. But if you sign up overseas, you may have to pay the standard adult rate in that country.

Yes, but you don't need a membership to bring your group to YHA New Zealand.

Endorsed Group status is available to any bona-fide New Zealand based organisation wanting to travel overseas; participants must be New Zealand residents. YHA Endorsed Group status is issued on an annual basis. All group members are covered by a single group membership. Email [email protected] to enquire about YHA Endorsed Group Membership.

Learn more about group travel with YHA New Zealand.

There are four easy ways to join YHA:

  • Join now, here on our website
  • Call our Membership Services Team on (NZ) 0800 278 299
  • If you would prefer to pay by cheque, email [email protected]
  • Purchase your membership at one of our hostels

If you are a New Zealand member you will receive a renewal notice by email about one week before you are due to renew. You can renew by simply replying to the email. Alternatively you can use our online form, or call us on 0800 278 299. 

Yes - just complete the renewal section of the membership form on our website.

So that we can keep our system up to date, we delete expired memberships one year after they have expired. New Zealand members can renew their memberships before the one year mark however this does not apply to International members. We also recommend contacting our Customer Services team directly to renew an expired membership!

If you are an International member and your membership has expired then you will need to re-join YHA. You won’t be able to do this on our website as your details are already in our system, please contact our Customer Services team and we will set you up!

Have you heard that we now have digital memberships? You can either upgrade your current YHA membership to a digital one via our website for NZ$10.00 per year. If you would prefer a physical membership card then please email [email protected] with your current postal address and membership number.

Absolutely! YHA has changed to digital memberships so as soon as you join or renew your membership, you will receive your digital membership card/instructions via email almost instantly! Cool right!

Because YHA is part of Hostelling International, joining here means you get discounts on accommodation, travel, and activities all over the world for as long as your membership is valid. The good stuff doesn't stop just because you stop travelling!

We have also changed to digital memberships which means more discounts! For the same price as a plastic card, our members now get digital cards plus access to over 2000 discount locations in NZ and Australia. And of course, the 10% off YHA and HI accommodation worldwide.

If you’re an overseas visitor coming to New Zealand, you’ll need to have a YHA or HI membership card to receive our membership discounts. If you’re under 18, we recommend you join YHA in your home country, as membership is likely to be free.

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With heaps of discounts throughout New Zealand, your YHA digital membership will save you money on transport, outdoor gear, accommodation, attractions.

Plus don't forget we have 35+ of the best hostels in the world right here in New Zealand - you can still explore in your own backyard!

Absolutely - you've got over 3500 hostels to choose from! YHA New Zealand is part of Hostelling International (HI) which is the brand name of more than 90 Youth Hostels Associations in over 80 countries. HI operates under a variety of names depending on the country – StayOkay in the Netherlands, SYHA in Scotland, etc. Your YHA New Zealand membership card can be used at any HI hostel around the world. If you have a Hostelling International membership card from another National Association, you can use that here too.

If you don't have a smartphone then please get in touch with us via email and we can arrange a physical card for you. Please note there is a $5.00 postage fee for sending out plastic cards. 

No worries at all! Just send us an email and we can arrange for a physical card to be sent to you. Please note there is a $5.00 postage fee for the sending of plastic cards. 

Click here to be directed to a “request a password” page. Just enter your YHA membership number in the required field and click “submit”. A password link will then be sent to your email address. If you’re still having trouble logging in, please send an email to [email protected].

No worries, we can help! Your log in details for the Frequent Values website can be a tad sensitive - you need to enter the details exactly the same as the email that you received with your membership details. Basically, it is case & space sensitive!

When entering your membership number on Frequent Values website do not include the 041- or your log in will not work.

If you are still having trouble please send us an email, [email protected]

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YHA membership gives you hostel, local and international benefits and discounts!

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YHA Member Discounts

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Membership Terms and Conditions

See the Terms and Conditions of being a YHA member.

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