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Top Things To Do In Christchurch

Christchurch is an oft-skipped part of people’s itineraries, but this town provides a rare chance to watch an entire city reimagine itself.

South Island
1. Walk the walk

Call us old-fashioned, but we think the best way to get a feel for a city is to take a stroll around its centre.

Christchurch is no exception – this is hands down the best way to get a feel for the old and the brand new. We recommend our Ultimate Walking Tour, or split it into smaller sections and sample local cuisine along the way!


New Regent Street by Nancy Zhou


2. Head for the hills

Piling into a car and heading up the windy road into the Port Hills attracts newcomers and residents alike. Enjoy mountain biking trails, walking tracks, and scenery in every direction. Check out the brand new Christchurch Adventure Park for a chairlift to the top, or try zipling for a shot of adrenaline with your vistas.

Ziplining at Christchurch Adventure Park


Head up in the afternoon to check out the spectacular view – on a clear day you can see the Kaikoura ranges. Stick around into the evening to watch the city lights come on.

Cashmere Hill lookout has a handy guide to help you pick out landmarks. Sign of the Kiwi is popular for a first glimpse of the city once you finally face north again, and a quick jaunt up Summit Road in any direction is beautiful.


Views of the Port Hills, Christchurch


3. Culture fix

As the oldest established city in New Zealand, Christchurch has a little bit to say on this front! The City Council produced a heritage guide to the area that includes 71 sites, so there’s plenty to choose from. Take a ride on the tram for maximum effect and check out the Canterbury Museum, Centre of Contemporary Art, and the Christchurch Art Gallery.

The Christchurch Arts Centre at dusk


4. Eat and drink on Victoria and High

The only diagonal streets in the city centre make great places to eat and drink.

Victoria Street boasts a speakeasy hidden behind a drycleaner's, and we let Mexicano’s moreish menu speak for itself. In the evenings the street is a hive of activity supplemented by the likes of the Dirty Land, the Bog, and the Christchurch Casino.

Over near High Street, Little High Eatery quickly shot to 'favourite child' status - 8 different cuisine options within the one complex and a buzzing atmosphere makes it easy to see why.

C1 is a Christchurch institution, not only for its coffee, but also the pneumatic tubes they use to deliver food to your table. This backs on to another long-standing feature of the area, Alice in Videoland, which is home to a boutique cinema. Strange's Lane offers a cute laneway producing great food, drink, and atmosphere.


Strange's Lane, Christchurch


5. Natural beauty

You can’t beat a picnic in Hagley Park or Mona Vale on a good day, and both are walking distance from the city centre. The ongoing project to broaden the banks of the Avon means there are pockets of green alongside the river throughout the city which make a great place to stroll. Our top tip is snagging some food at a nearby food truck then heading down to the water to sit and eat.


Avon River, Christchurch

Otakaro Avon River, Christchurch


If you’ve got a car and a nice day, then there are a few beaches you can’t go past. Sumner is accessible by bus, and just over the hill lies Taylor’s Mistake and the walk out to Godley Heads which both merit a few hours of your time. Over Lyttelton way, turn right out of the tunnel and you’ll have your pick of the many bays in Diamond Harbour.


Surfers at Sumner Beach

Godley Heads Walk courtesy of ChristchurchNZ

Lyttelton Harbour


For an oasis in suburbia and copious amounts of food, we recommend Riccarton Bush Farmers Market on a Saturday morning. Fresh produce, delicious treats, music, and a heritage building all set in an easy-to-reach park? Sign us up.


Riccarton Bush Farmers Market courtesy of ChristchurchNZ

Thanks to ChristchurchNZ for the use of their images.

Emma Crequer

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