Membership Terms and Conditions

YHA New Zealand is a member-based organisation, however you do not need to be a member to stay at a YHA hostel.

1. Membership types

You can achieve YHA membership by purchasing a (non-refundable) YHA New Zealand membership:

Adult membership 18 years and over:

If you are a New Zealand resident, you can purchase a membership for a term of one or two years or you can purchase a one-off Gold membership. You will become a Senior Financial Member of YHA New Zealand.

If you are an international traveller, you can purchase a one year membership only.

Youth membership under 18 years:

If you are under 18 years of age we will provide you with a free membership and you will receive the 10% member discount rate for beds and rooms. A YHA membership card is not required but at check-in we may request proof of your age.

Youth membership cards may be useful when travelling overseas as some Hostelling International national associations may require you to present a youth membership card. You can request a card via YHA Customer Services or online.

Group membership:

We do not require Endorsed Group membership for groups when you stay at our hostels within New Zealand.

For New Zealand groups wanting to travel overseas, YHA Endorsed Group membership is useful, as some Hostelling International national associations require this group membership status.

YHA Endorsed Group membership is available to valid New Zealand based organisations, such as schools, recreational, community or youth groups, etc. and participants must be New Zealand residents. All group members are covered by a single group membership and there must be ten or more members travelling together.

To either enquire or apply for this membership status, please email [email protected]. We may ask to see your organisation documentation to confirm the eligibility of your group.

We will accept valid group membership of other Hostelling International national associations, provided the membership is current.

2. Membership Card

We issue all new members with a digital membership card. This card shall remain the property of YHA New Zealand.

From July 2018 we supply digital cards as default for all individual Adult memberships. This card is a joint Frequent Values and YHA digital card. YHA members will then be able to access a wide range of discounts and benefits not available via the standard YHA card. A plastic card can be requested for an additional $5.00 postage fee. 

Gold members are able to access the digital card and benefits for an annual fee of just $10. Upgrading to a digital card is not compulsory and the annual fee is optional each year. 

Core YHA member benefits remain unchanged for non-digital card holders.

Frequent Values Benefits:

The benefits provided by the YHA digital card are delivered by Frequent Values. This means you will be subject to the terms and conditions set out by this organisation.

We have no control over the provision of these benefits or the service delivered so you should direct any enquires or complaints to Frequent Values.  This process is set out on the digital card’s terms and conditions.

Sharing your basic details to enable digital card usage:

In order for you to access the digital card’s benefits, we will pass your first name, last name, email address and membership number to Frequent Values. This is used for the sole purpose of logging into the digital card tools necessary to access and redeem the discounts offered to you as a YHA member. Frequent Values will communicate with you directly to offer more information about the card and the discounts available. 

Youth and Group Memberships do not qualify for Digital card:

The Digital card is not available for Youth or Group memberships.

Refusal to adopt Digital Card:

You can refuse to use the digital card and can instead request a plastic membership card from YHA Customer Services. There is a $5.00 postage fee for sending out plastic cards. 

Core YHA member benefits remain unchanged for non-digital card holders, however you will not be able to access the additional digital member benefits

3. Becoming a member

Any person may become a member of YHA New Zealand by :

  • Signing the completed application form.
  • Agreeing to abide by YHA’s values, rules and regulations.
  • Agreeing to comply with the laws of countries in which you travel as a YHA member.
  • Paying the appropriate subscription fee.

4. What we expect of you

5. Privacy statement:

Please refer to our Website Privacy Statement for guidance on what information is collected from you and why, and how it is used and stored.  In addition and specific to your membership:

You may request your details are deleted at any time; however any such request will effectively terminate your membership.

By purchasing a YHA membership card you accept that your first name, last name, email address and membership number will be passed to ISIC New Zealand and Frequent Values in order to activate your digital card member discounts.

6. Further information

  • You must pay your membership fee in full at the time of application.
  • Fees are quoted in New Zealand dollars.
  • Your membership will commence on the day we receive your application and it will continue until the relevant end period.
  • Your membership is non-transferable to anyone else.
  • The National Board may refuse membership to any person. The National Board is not required to state the reason for such refusal.
  • You may resign your membership at any time by writing to or emailing YHA Customer services.  We will not provide you with a refund.


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