Opoutere Member Group

The Opoutere Member Group (OMG) was formed in May 2017.

The group's purpose is to ensure the continued operation of the Opoutere Hostel within the YHA network. To promote its use, and support its operation and longevity by the investigation of all probable means and subsequent deployment of such appropriate means as found.

Although the hostel is currently closed the Opoutere Member Group remains committed to working with YHA to achieve the accepted purpose.

Our vision is for Opoutere Hostel to be developed to its full potential as an Enviromental Education Hostel. The protected natural environs of Opoutere offer opportunities for YHA that encompass its Aims and which are not readily available elsewhere in the network. 

If this is something you support and would like to be involved with you're welcome to join us. Our activities and meetings are as much about sharing ideas and fun, as about working towards our aspirations.

Please email us for a copy of the OMG Annual Report 2018 summarising the past year's activities: [email protected]

June 2018


Update from the Opoutere Member Group:

The following two motions regarding the Opoutere Youth Hostel were PASSED at the YHA 2017 Annual General Meeting on 28 October 2017.

1. That the YHA National Board shall recognise the Opoutere Hostel Group and consult with them fully in any decision(s) regarding the future of the Opoutere YHA Hostel. (No dissent or abstention.)

2. That the YHA National Board shall defer the decision regarding the future of Opoutere Hostel for 12 months to enable fully informed consultation amongst all interested parties. (Majority 63% of votes.)

Please contact us to assist in the process that we are engaging in for the next 12 months. Please email us ASAP so we can put you on the email list for updates. We have plenty of wee jobs to do. So you will all be able to help in at least some small way. We are all looking forward to making this the best good news story the YHA has had in years. Book to stay there now and show your support by bring your presence and life to the Hostel.

1 November 2017

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