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5 Reasons New Zealand is the Worst

If you're looking for a holiday destination, we definitely don't recommend New Zealand. Why would we? Everything about it sounds absolutely terrible...

1. It's so far away

It's practically another planet, in the literal future, that looks like the ancient past. If it was just an hour flight away it wouldn't look like Jurassic Park now would it? 

2. It's dangerous

People say 'Hi' on the street, your rooms have lockers, hostels have key card access. We attach you to a rope if you jump off a bridge, tower, cliff, and a parachute for planes. All the feelings of risk, without the actual risk.

3. It's boring

The pounding of your heart as you stand with your toes on the edge. Swimming with dolphins in the wild. Coming face to face with cultures completely different from your own. Realising you'll be friends with this foreign stranger for the rest of your life. Yup, super boring. 

4. It's expensive

Flights are half the battle here, (see #1!) but once you're over that hump it's really not that bad. Hit the grocery store and make a few home-cooked meals in your hostel kitchen, and book your multishare bed in advance to lock in prices. You can also try travelling in September/October or April/May - outside of peak season you're more likely to see lower prices.

5. Hostels are gross

Only as gross as you are, my friend! Pick up your socks, put your dishes away. If that doesn't do it, retreat to a private room with an ensuite bathroom. You also get clean sheets every couple of days as you travel around - we bet you don't do that at home!

Still not convinced? Our mates over at YHA Australia are also debunking all the myths your sister's best friend's cousin has been spouting about hostels. They get an A+ for GIF choice! 

Jasmine Jellyman

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